Wilde Engineering, LLC

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 Land Surveying 

Surveying is the science of accurately determining points, distances and angles to identify where you are on the earth. WE, LLC takes the necessary due diligence in researching records in order to establish a sound basis for the work and expedite the field process. WE, LLC utilizes the latest GPS technologies to provide exceptional land and route survey services.

WE, LLC performs any of these surveys:
  • Mortgage or Loan (surveys with improvements shown on the plat)
  • Metes and bounds description with plat for property transfers 
  • Elevation Certification 
  • Subdivision and Replats 
  • Construction Staking 
  • Drainage, Access and Utility Easements 
  • Right-of-Ways  
  • Oil/Gas Well Staking 
  • Oil/Gas Location Pad Layout  
  • Road Layout 
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